Conference Handouts & Links for Participants:


DAY 1 - Wednesday, April 21


9:30 am Opening Keynote: Neil Pasricha

Intro Letter from Neil Pasricha

You Are Awesome - Self-Growth Workbook

HBR article - Neil Pasricha - This Two-Minute Morning Practice...

HBR article - Neil Pasricha - Why You Need an Untouchable Day...

HBR article - Neil Pasricha - Read More Books This Year

HBR article - Neil Pasricha - Read the Books You Wish You Had Time For

Interested in purchasing Neil's latest book You Are Awesome? QNET has hard copies available for $20 including GST, can be picked up at the QNET office, 6th floor 175 Hargrave Street. Email or for details.


1:15 pm Bouncing Back / Resilience: David Falk

Bouncing Back Slides

Recovery Plan Worksheet

Upcoming QNET workshop with David Falk: Building Resilient Teams on June 8 & 15

Date to be confirmed: Managing Unresolvable Problems with David Falk


DAY 2 - Thursday, April 22


9:30 am Integrating the Art of Play (workshop edition): Kimberley Halwas, Martin Kaethler

powerpoint presentation


11:15 am Rethink Excellence: Vern Campbell, Howard Matthews

powerpoint presentation


1:15 pm Find the Good - It's Refreshing!: Christine Ens

no handouts at this time


2:00 pm Culture of Innovation: Ryan Ramsdale,  Rhonda Honke

no handouts at this time


DAY 3 - Friday, April 23

9:30 am Play for Change! (Lego): Kristen Klassen, Darrell Cole

no handouts at this time


11:15 am Happiness at Work: Rolande Kirouac

powerpoint presentation


1:15 pm Closing Keynote, The Power of Play: Dr. Shimi Kang

Adaptability: The Key Ingredient to an Awesome Life