Event Description

Positive Performance Development

Apr. 03, 2012

8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

QNET Member Rate: $319 + GST
Non-Member Rate:   $389 + GST

This practical workshop addresses the traditional negative issues and challenges Supervisory Managers face in managing performance. The priority is to engage with Employees to enhance and develop performance over time. A positive, yet assertive approach is taken to collaborate with Employees, while making them accountable for results. The objective is success for both Employee and Manager.

Build skills for an effective working relationship by clarifying mutual expectations, establishing collaborative progress consultations and coaching for performance. The workshop will cover the following:

  • Clarify that the primary objective is to develop performance
  • Dismantle negative perceptions, stereotypes and challenges faced
  • Confirm mutual expectations and priorities of each party
  • Concentrate on results and behaviours required
  • Streamline the performance process steps
  • Plan, collaborate and support for success
  • Track performance and consult on progress
  • Coach for success - developing your staff
  • Intervene and solve problems as required (Performance Improvement Plans)
  •  Implement planning - Strategies for success
There will be a short pre-session survey to determine key issues to be addressed in the workshop, and a post session assignment to reinforce implementation of ideas gained at the workshop.
Dan Furlan, Coach, HR Strategies. As a Human Resources and Training Manager for many years, Dan Furlan, CHRP, has addressed the issues of staff development, coaching and consultation in a wide range of industries. He has taken a practical, client based approach to designing and presenting related management educational and training sessions. As a management trainer and instructor in the Human Resource Management Certificate Program at the university and college levels, he keeps current with ongoing management challenges and strategies.

This workshop is:
This workshop is presented in partnership with Industry Workforce Development, Manitoba Entrepreneurship Training and Trade

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