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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Mar. 01, 2012

This 5 day program will begin sometime in March (not March 1st as noted above). The actual program dates will be determined by the participants and the facilitator.

5 days of Classroom Training (each day will be 3 to 4 weeks apart)

QNET Member Rate: $3599 + GST
Non-Member Rate:   $3999 + GST
The above rate includes the Course Manual.

Please note: There are optional books available for purchase that are recommended reading for this course. The cost is $300 + GST for the following four books:
  • The New Economics (Deming)
  • Six Sigma for Green Belts and Champions (Gitlow)
  • The Team Handbook (Scholtes)
  • The Toyota Way Fieldbood (Liker) 

The book cost is not included in the above rate. If you are interested in purchasing these books from QNET, contact the QNET Office at 204-949-4999. You will be invoiced separately for the $300 + GST.

Should you consider taking Green Belt Certification?

Participants should be familiar with concepts of Lean Six Sigma and interested in becoming a certified Green Belt, or ultimately a Black Belt. 

Each participant must have a workplace champion/sponsor, an executive accountable for the green belt project completed by the participant. 

Note: The Green Belt projects should be selected and scoped to deliver a net return on an organization’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training investment (approximately $50,000 to $75,000 quantified return), and should be manageable and doable in 3-4 months.

Keys to Lean Six Sigma Success:

  • Committed Executives
  • Clearly defined Lean Six Sigma Goals and Roles
  • High Quality Green/Black Belt candidate selection
  • Well scoped, strategic projects
  • Disciplined application of Lean Six Sigma methods.
  • A results-oriented focus.
  • Credible, knowledgeable Lean Six Sigma consulting guide.
Objectives of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:
  • To develop functioning Green Belt individuals capable of solving process issues.
  • To demonstrate a return for participating organizations on the Green Belt investment.
  • To provide an economical local approach for organizations to develop Certified Green Belt individuals. 
Objectives of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course:
  • To learn the fundamental concepts of Lean Six Sigma;
  • To learn the fundamental Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology;
  • To learn fundamental building-block tools;
  • To develop critical thinking;
  • To develop facilitation, coaching, and presentation skills;
  • To develop data analysis skills using Minitab;
  • To get “real” results by applying Green Belt skills to a strategic project. 
Criteria for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:
  • Successful completion of training and Green Belt examination;
  • Successful completion of project demonstrating Green Belt level competence 
Course Facilitator:

Vern Campbell, Consultant, Process Management LLC
Process Management LLC is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of Lean Six Sigma within the framework of an integrated Enterprise Improvement System. Vern Campbell assists organizations with strategy development, deployment and continuous process improvement systems.
From 2000 until 2011, Mr. Campbell was General Manager of Northern Blower, a 120 employee custom fan manufacturer serving the North American market. There he put his consultancy principles into practice. Northern Blower was one of a small, select group of organizations in Canada working with Toyota Corporation to learn and implement the Toyota Production System. The company worked to integrate Lean Six Sigma methods, the Toyota Production System, ISO 9000:2000 and Strategy Management into an overall Enterprise Improvement System.
Mr. Campbell has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, with Distinction, from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Western Ontario. He was awarded a Gold Medal from the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers, and spent a number of years at Manitoba Hydro leading their Quality Improvement Initiative. Mr. Campbell has a Six Sigma Black Belt from the University of Miami and he also guest lectures at the University of Miami, School of Business and the Stern School of Business, New York University.
Long Term Plan toward Black Belt Certification:
Step 1: Green Belt Certification Requirements:
  • Successful completion of 5 days classroom training and Green Belt examination.
  • Complete 1 project to the satisfaction of the Lean Six Sigma Consultant and the project Champion. 
Step 2: Green Belt PLUS Certification (about 6 months later):
  • Prerequisite: Green Belt Certified
  • Successful completion of an additional 5 days classroom training and Green Belt PLUS examination.
  • Complete 1 project to the satisfaction of the Lean Six Sigma Consultant and the project Champion 
Step 3: Black Belt Certification (about 6 months later):
  • Prerequisite: Green Belt PLUS Certified
  • Successful completion of an additional 10 days classroom training and Black Belt examination.
  • Complete 1 project to the satisfaction of the Lean Six Sigma Consultant and the project Champion. 


Information Gathering (informal contact with course facilitator)
January - February 2012
Potential Green Belt candidates and their champions/sponsors
To gather enough information to make a go/no go decision re: Green Belt participation
½ Day Green Belt and Champion preparation meeting
March 2012 – date TBD
(based on participant availability)
Green Belt Training Participants and their Champions/sponsors
To clarify the role of the Green Belt Project Sponsor and Champion
To draft a Green Belt Project Charter
Green Belt Classroom training
5 days, each 3 to 4 weeks apart – dates TBD (based on participant availability)
Green Belt candidates
To develop Green Belt competency
Green Belt Project
March to June 2012
Green Belt candidates and project team
To successfully complete a Green Belt level project
Champion Support
March to May 2012
Project Champions/sponsors
To prepare Champions to successfully fulfill their Six Sigma role
Green Belt Graduation & project sharing forum
June 2012
Green Belt candidates and Champions
To celebrate/recognize the Green Belt accomplishments

Please Note:

  • Green Belt Projects should be selected and scoped to deliver a minimum $50,000 to $75,000 quantified return.
  • Not included in course fee: Project/Leadership Consulting Support – extra at $2,500 per day / $1,500.00 per ½ day, to be invoiced directly to the client organization as incurred.
  • The Green Belt course has some Minitab Exercises built in. It is recommended, but optional, that participants have portable computers with Minitab loaded (a free 30 day trial download is available – www.minitab.com). 

This program is presented in partnership with Industry Workforce Development, Manitoba Entrepreneurship Training and Trade

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